Really good tips and information in this article about how to write a great ad for search engine marketing. I am constantly telling my Miami web marketing clients, that its crucial for them to think about all the components of a great advertisement on the web whether via Adwords or Bing or be it on Facebook or Linkedin.

Photograph of Ernest Shackleton as a young man
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One of my favorite ads is this curious little classified ad alleged to have appeared in a London newspaper around 1914 to recruit crew members for Ernest Shackleton’s famed expedition to the Antarctic:

This ad was targeted squarely at men of adventure willing to risk life and limb to earn fame during the era of the great explorers. It has clear, dramatic benefits, filters out the faint of heart and has an implied call to action of applying at Shackleton’s residence. Any online ad that can capture the same passion and energy as this offline ad has done will certainly perform well.Well-crafted online text ads share a number of common characteristics:Well-targetedSpeaks to audienceClear, dramatic benefitsFiltering languageSuccinct headlineSimply stated offer

via Back to School Time: A Refresher Course on Writing Great Ads.