Marc Hedlund the CEO of Wesabe gives some great advice on starting a business. My favorite piece although they are all excellent is the idea of asking someone for help everyday whether you know them or not. I am starting with that first thing tomorrow morning.

Entrepreneurship Advice from Marc Hedlund, CEO of Wesabe ∞ Get Rich Slowly

Write someone and ask them for help every day
It’s amazing how well this works. Just make a habit of coming up with one person each day that might be able to help you in some way — with an introduction, an idea, a conversation, anything. If you think of someone you already know, then it’s easy to ask for help, but don’t be bashful about asking people you don’t know for help.When you tell people you’re working on starting your own business, many of them will get excited or interested, and be willing to offer a hand. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back — just try someone else the next day. When you’re starting a new business no one knows what you’re up to, so reaching out and asking for help very often can do an enormous amount to get things rolling.

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