I love Seth Godin!

Just because marketing works doesn’t mean we have an obligation to do it. And if we’re too greedy to stop on our own, then yes, we should be stopped.

Earlier today, I posted some opinions related to the fact that growth hacking has begun to be seen as a methodology willing to break the rules and take from others for it’s own benefit. A reader forwarded this post by Seth Godin and while he analogy was specific to fast food manufacturers, it is always relavant to all of us that sell stuff to other people.

Are you providing value?
Are you focused on that value?
Are you taking responsibility for what you are pitching and how you pitch it?

Here’s the summary quote.

Every profession we respect has limits created and enforced by society. Doctors and undertakers and actuaries live with these limits because it’s clear that building for the long run benefits all of us. Sure, it might be fun or profitable to take a shortcut, but it’s not the right thing to do. The rules make it more likely we don’t race to the bottom as we cut those corners or maximize our profits.

The question is this: are you responsible for the power in your hands? If so, then we need to own the results of our work. If not, someone else needs to step in before it’s too late. No sustainable system can grant power without responsibility.

via Seth’s Blog: The perfect crime.