Got Milk?

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So often, brilliant advertising and marketing people that otherwise would create campaigns that would entertain us and motivate us are stifled by their bosses and choose to allow themselves to spend their career stifled. Sure, they create better than average crap, but it’s still crap for crap companies and crap people.

They become afraid to be brilliant. Where before they were full of piss and vinegar ready to take on the world, some jackass decided that conservative was better and mediocre was good enough. I’ve seen it all the way through my career and I’ve seen myself stifle great ideas, because I knew they would be beat down or suppressed and it just wasn’t worth the effort. I also often stayed safe.

I’m not afraid to be brilliant or crazy or successful, but I’ve let myself be stifled at different times. I am determined to move forward being uncompromisingly brilliant – always.

Make your choice with everything you do to be brilliant rather than become one of those “marketing and advertising people” that contributes to the degradation of commerce.

I watched the great documentary Art & Copy about some of the most brilliant in the world of advertising that still work to make it artistic and inspiring and entertaining. They have it a little easier, because clients come to them to be brilliant, but even in an incredibly boring marketplace, you can be a brilliant and creative marketer.

If your first reaction to your new idea is to cringe, then explore it. You could be on a good track to get you to the winner. I love the story in this movie about “Got Milk“. The bad grammar would have killed that in places where I’ve worked, but it was simplistic brilliance and beautifully articulated and it worked. Even more impressive are the women that were allowed to express themselves when they created the Nike “if you let me play” ads for both TV and print. They inspired countless women and girls to just do whatever it was that inspired them.

Below is the trailer and some examples of brilliance.