Any readers out there buying spots in games? I would love to hear about the results. My specialty is more B2B, but I have always thought that ads in games would work. It is similar to ads in software that died due to privacy concerns. I understood the concerns, but never understood why someone didn’t develop away around the concerns so that users felt safe. Jeff Clavier’s Software Only: Introducing Kongregate – my first investment in the gaming space

In an interview with Red Herring’s Ryan Olson, I mentioned that one of the motivations for gamers is ego/bragging rights about beating a level, hitting challenges and being on the top score leaderboard (the need for consumer services to satisfy one of the seven sins is a notion I learnt from Accel Partner’s Kevin Efrusy) . There is also the opportunity to hang out online in one of the many chat rooms available on the service, where you can interact with other gamers as you are playing.