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If you aren’t using landing pages for your advertising and other campaigns, then you are wasting your time and effort. Stop putting out any effort and start learning what you need to do to close deals with your web marketing by implementing this crucial component of any Internet Marketing strategy.

It is very difficult for people not acclimated to web marketing to see the value of landing pages. They don’t understand how a page targeting the interests of the visitor will equal more leads and how that could actually pay off considering it does require work and testing to get things right, but the fact is that just having a landing page increases your odds of closing in on a lead or a customer and one properly optimized can hgave incredible results and returns for your web marketing efforts. I spent over a year constantly preaching the value of landing pages and landing page optimization to one of my Miami, FL accounts and she refused to see the value and didn’t want the work to be done, so we decided to take a risk and do the landing page work for free and I can tell you that she is now a strong believer in landing pages and their value for your campaigns. She recently closed an $80,000, a $140,000, and a $2.6 million dollar deal within weeks of acquiring the lead from landing pages she didn’t know she had for a sales process that usually takes 1-2 years. Now she’s a believer in the power of optimized landing pages.

Tim Ash continues to provide great advice and this piece on landing page fixes is spot on for the very fundamentals you should be considering for any landing page effort. Here are my favorites, but go read and bookmark the entire piece.

Remove Choices

You should be very clear about your desired conversion action whether it is a sale, download, form-fill, or simply a click-through to another page. All other clickable links or choices on the page should be eliminated or visually de-emphasized.

Keep Your Promises

Your visitors arrived from somewhere, and an expectation was set before they even landed on your page. This could have been in your pay-per-click ad, a third-party blog posting, or a comparison shopping engine. Make sure that you understand the context from which they arrived. It is critical to align the content of your landing page with their intent and expectations.

via 7 Landing Page Fixes that will Skyrocket Conversions | mThink – Revenue Performance.

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