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We are currently working on a digital campaign for the St. Augustine Historic Inns here in Florida that will target women and this article is an excellent summary for all of us to keep in mind when deciding to target women with web marketing.

I really like number 4 that deals with giving women too many choices, but that is likely almost as true for some men. As I get older, I find I want less choices and more quality.

4)    Too much choice is no choice at all

Many men might be perfectly happy to sift through mountains of information in order to find out whether one little black box is slightly better than another little black box, but most women are overwhelmed by choice. If a product is a hassle to buy then we will cease to care about it.

So having a hundred near-identical products in the market can be a real turnoff: We don’t want unlimited choice, we want the right choice. We want to know that a product does what it’s supposed to and is obviously at the top of its field. We don’t have time to find a diamond in the rough.

The author – Belinda Parmar also points out this fantastic example of marketing to women done right.

Thanks Belinda.


via 5 Rules Of Marketing To Women | Fast Company.