Read this article and do exactly what is says as much as you possibly can with your forms. It is spot on with the most important things you can do to improve your web from submissions.

10 Tips for Optimizing Web Form Submission Usability

My other rules are:

  • don’t have too many fields, but only the ones you need.
  • don’t make form design a team sport or avoid the committee syndrome. Everyone has a viewpoint and interest.
  • break really long forms into multi-page forms
  • people don’t read, so make it clear what you want from the field label and not in the intro text

Here’s my favorite tip and one I have violated in the past:

10. Single Column Vertical Forms Are Better

According to an eye tracking study by cxpartners, a user experience design agency, scanning down the form is preferable to scanning from left to right. It reduces the number of eye movements you need to make in order to fill out the form.

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