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Matt Mullenweg is the leader of Automattic that creates the ever fantastic WordPress that I use everyday on multiple sites like this blog, my employers corporate site and much more. His feelings about development are like mine and this piece emphasizes that its more important to get it out than it is to get it out perfect. Please read the entire piece to get an understanding of what is important when it comes to any development, but especially web development.

Now, the crazy thing about that release is when the original iPhone went public, flaws and all, you know that in a secret room somewhere on Apple’s campus they had a working prototype of the 3GS with a faster processor, better battery life, normal headphone jack… a perfect everything. Steve Jobs was probably already carrying around one in his pocket. How painful it must have been to have everyone criticizing them for all the flaws they had already fixed but couldn’t release yet because they were waiting for component prices to come down or for some bugs to be worked out of the app store.

via 1.0 Is the Loneliest Number — Matt Mullenweg.