Neil Patel and his team are a machine. I can’t get over how much unbelievably high quality content they churn out. Here’s another.

Landing pages as Neil explains are a tricky proposition, but the fundamentals listed in the infographic beliw are an excellent place for your startup to get started. Not everything will fit your needs, but try them out and test, test, test.

One of our startup clients in Miami in the B2B space created landing pages with no navigation and that is typically the right way to do it, but they weren’t getting anywhere the level of conversion we wanted for some content marketing and ebook campaigns we setup for them. We then began to look through analytics for some answers. When we examined that paths visitors took that eventually submitted a lead form we discovered that over 85% of them visited 10 pages or more on their site with some visiting 20 plus pages before submitting their contact info and becoming a lead. This told us, that because this was a service that was fairly new to the prospects of our clients, they wanted to get a real feel for what our client offered, what the service could do for them and what it had done for others.

So, we started offering other connections to the content they wanted in mini-sites and site wide and immediately saw a significant growth in quality lead generation.

Tangent over, but it is important to remember that no one tactic of combination of marketing tactics in landing pages will work for everyone, so test as much as you can to find the bet formula and remember to look at what past conversion paths existed and follow them for your campaigns.

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout