Reporters are annoyed daily by an onslaught of PR spam from professional and not professional folks that want to get their message out. More and more they ignore the pitches they get, because they’ve lost credibility. A press release today is like the boy that cried wolf… journalists just don’t believe us anymore. We on the other hand struggle with mightily to get press coverage and will have to spend thousands a month for a PR firm for just the hope of hearing our story pitched to actual reporter and writers. It’s an ever growing problem that makes PR strategies often more work than they seem worth.

A new company I think may just have the answer we need to this vexing problem. NewsBasis has created a platform that lets reporters post their needs for quotes or experts or products, etc. to fit the assignments they have and qualified folks can provide the quotes or expertise they need based upon the request. This is already a great first step to allowing business people and PR professionals to establish a credible relationship with journalists, but today the company announced they are taking it to the next level and letting executives pitch story ideas to the press, but in a brief and concise format of only 250 characters to cut down on sensationalist, long winded press releases and to push business people to get to the point and the meat of the story.

This really is a smart solution and you should avail yourself of this system. It will take time for them to reach the critical mass of press and business people they need for success, but they are definitely on the right track. Let’s help them out by spreading the word.