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As I always say – “Marketing is dead! Long live the relationship!”

Ernan has a phenomenal post up about the philosophy of and how they run their business their marketing. Everything they do is about empowering their team and their customers and as far as I am concerned, its the future of business that is happening now. They are not a one off occurrence. Companies of all types are changing what we think of when we think about product and service purchases and it is a refreshing change that builds loyalty and involvement.

BEST PRACTICE #2. Make marketing a conversation — and don’t take yourself too seriously. In other words, skip the hard sell — or any sell — when using social media tools to interact with your community. As Ryan observes: “It’s very common for marketers to think of consumers who use social media tools as having grabbed hold of a huge megaphone. Marketers then try to grab that megaphone back, and use it as a broadcast tool so they can sell very large groups of customers. It’s more useful to think of social tools as being like a telephone line, something you use to reach out to connect meaningfully with one person at a time.”

via Ernan’s Insights On Marketing Best Practices: Relationship Marketing Innovators: 5 Best Practices at

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