Saw an add on Facebook for a cool looking USB key. Wasn’t quite sure what it was capable of, but thought it could be a cool promotional item or distribution tool. Because it looked like a key, I thought it might be something that offered a more secure method for accessing and storing files. Basically, I just thought it was cool. The image did it’s job and caught my eye and made me want to click to learn more.

Note that this was on my iPhone, so it was a mobile interaction for me.

Here’s the ad:



So, I clicked the advertisement (sponsored post) and went to the landing page….

Landing Page Don’t #1 – If you ad is going to be on mobile, make sure at the very least, that your web site is responsive and will shift to the view on my phone. Not this page, it’s a full blown page. So now, I have to enlarge the page to read it and scroll around to understand what they are offering.

Landing Page Don’t #2 – Don’t be lazy. If you are going to launch a campaign, then create a landing page just for that campaign. Do not send me to your generic product page.

Landing Page Don’t #13–  Don’t push me into a page full of content where I can’t find what I was looking at before. There is nothing here showing me the cool key I saw on their ad.  Why do I have to look around for what I came here to see. Show me the cool Key USB Key and then show me how much and how to order. I can’t find it anywhere. This landing page would already have sucked if I was on my desktop, but it’s even worse when I am on a mobile device and I can’t find the product that got me here.

Landing Page Don’t #4 – Don’t leave out a genuine call to action. Let me click to order the damn thing or fill out a form for info or get a sample sent to me. The phone number and chat at the top of the page are not a true call to action.

Landing Page Don’t #5 – Don’t bullshit me. The only link in the body of the page is a link all the way at the bottom where I can finally see the product I was interested in in the first place. Unfortunately, I know it’s bullshit and so now, not only am I annoyed with the entire landing page, I don’t believe them and they’ve lost credibility. Just because I load my page on a thumb drive, doesn’t mean that my website visits are gong to be “off the charts”. How many of these do I have to buy and give away – a million? Be serious and honest and get to the value proposition I want, not some BS value that you think I want. If I have any sense at all, I know it won’t send my visits off the charts and I know that what I want are actual leads or customers and brand exposure, not traffic off the charts.

Finally, on another note, how about a little innovation? You innovated on the design of the physical product, but what are you doing that will make people interact with my brand on your device and help me grow my startup? What kind of application could be there? Show me how you realistically can get me new customers by giving away your Key Thumb Drive.