This is yet another model of rewarding customers for watching ads, but for some reason videos make it easier if they are good. I am not so excited about the magazine subscription, but the rewards can be improved.  

Do you feel the value? If the ads are creative enough you will watch the videos and look at the products. I just did with a Kleenex ad. I never like these concepts, but maybe this one will work for a phase. Then again, you never know and I was compelled to at least check it out.  

The San Francisco-based start-up AdPerk has begun its service with Dwell magazine.

Visitors to the Dwell home page are provided with a subscription offer. Those who watch a few videos get free magazines.

Marketers connect with targeted audiences.   On this new platform, ads and other content are “pulled” by the registered users.  Viewing ads are by choice and viewing them offers a rewards. 

Advertisers in the launch include Duxiana, LG Electronics, Delta Faucet Company, Disney Mobile and Kleenex.  Here’s the company’s news announcment.

This could be an important way for marketers to get their ads watched by folks who want them.  It could be good way for content creators to generate revenue. 

Here’s the take on this by New York Times reporter Louise Story.

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