Today I was asked why I had a member of our team with very little experience in our industry working to create content on a new marketing website we are launching targeting a specific niche in our world.

“She doesn’t know anything about this, why ask her to do it? Is that the best use of her time?”

My reply was that there is no better use of her time. The delay in completion of the website is completely outweighed by the knowledge she will gain by working with different members of the organization to learn the ins and outs of this part of our business. Now I will have a member of our team that is already conscientious and hard working with the knowledge she needs to make our marketing efforts a success.

If you aren’t investing time and training into your team, then you will end up with silos of information and skills that can’t be easily filled when needed later.

When you don’t expand the knowledge and skills of the people that make up the team, then you leave the bored and frustrated. This particular assignment made her uncomfortable and nervous to be taking it on, but she’s smart enough too persevere and is already excited about what she is learning. I find when I push people out of their comfort zone, they may fight me initially, but in the end they end up proud of what they’ve accomplished and more confident because of what they’ve learned.

So, ask yourself whenever you can “why not have her do it”, because in the end she will thank you and you will thank yourself.