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Google Tests Local Ads on Maps

This has very interesting implications for local businesses that need to reach customers more effectively on the web.  Can they combine the type of retailer based on the name they searched with other retailers that pay to advertise.  For example if i search on Joe’s Auto Parts. Miami, FL will I see advertisements for other Auto Parts stores in the area around Joe’s on the map?  That would be powerful and would prove the power of Internet marketing to those that have chosen not to jump into the web as yet, because they see no value (i.e. mom and pop retail outlets) beyond their yellow pages listing on the web. While valuable for national advertisers like hotel chains, I see a greater impact for locals. How will Google sell this? Will there be enough of a need to have an impact? What are the usage levels for Google’s maps? Will local review sites have eno-ugh since to integrate the map data into their web site and will Google pay revenue for those types of advertisers in teerms of pay per click on Google Maps? This opens a whole new realm of advertising possibilities. Google Tests Local Ads on Maps Google is experimenting with plotting local advertisers’ locations on its Maps product, giving marketers a visual and spatial accompaniment to their locally targeted ads. A search on “hotels” in New...

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How to Sell To Fact-Based and Big-Picture Buyers Simultaneously

Good stuff from Sean D’Souza. How to Sell To Fact-Based and Big-Picture Buyers Simultaneously Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Sitting side by side, watching you make a presentation. Al’s not saying a word. He’s watching you carefully.His face is painted a deep shade of scepticism. And as you look at Clinton, you see a different picture.Clinton’s smiling; he’s got that goofy grin that seems tolight up a room. And he’s nodding his head at all the right spots. Share This:TwitterLinkedInFacebookPocketPrintRedditTumblrPinterestLike this:Like...

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35-44 Year Olds Control Homes with Highest Percentage of Internet Users

More statistics pointing to the growing number of “older” users. Note: I fall into the “older” category. Internet Users Show Their Age A higher percentage of homes with computers and Internet access were run by individuals aged 35-44 than by any other age group. That’s the finding from the “Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2003” report released by the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2003, of the 35-44 age group 73.3 percent owned computers and 65.3 percent had Internet access at home. The next-highest penetration was households run by 45-54 year olds. Nearly 72 percent owned computers, and 65.1 percent of those households had Internet access. Computer adoption among households run by 65 year olds and older was 34.7 percent; Internet adoption was 29.4 percent. The survey finds the presence of a school-aged child (6-17 years old) influenced whether a household had a computer or Internet access. Over three-quarters of households in this group had a computer versus nearly 57 percent of households without school-aged children. Share This:TwitterLinkedInFacebookPocketPrintRedditTumblrPinterestLike this:Like...

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