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I love attorneys – 10 Ways Startups Can Reduce Legal Costs And Maximize Attorney Value

Q: What’ the difference between a lawyer and a boxing referee? A: A boxing referee doesn’t get paid more for a longer fight I have a confession to make. I love attorneys. They have saved my silly ass more times than I care to count. Early in my career, they saved me by bailing me out of messes, but now in my career, they save me from myself, by getting involved at the right time in the process, so there is no mess to clean up later. The constant barrage of criticisms aimed at attorneys is fascinating to me. It is our fear...

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Does your app make it difficult to get to it’s yummy goodness?

Do you remember what a pain in the ass it used to be to open cookies and then close them? The other night, I quietly tip-toed to the kitchen for a late snack. I was looking forward to a rich butter cookie, but also dreading the noise and hassle of opening the package. Usually you struggle to open the end of the bag and then yank out the tray and then getting it back into the package is nearly impossible. Not anymore. The folks at Keebler have created this easy to open package that makes it oh so easy to...

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Startup Grind Video with Mario Cruz

Below is our video from last night’s Startup Grind Miami event. Mario Cruz reveals his experience raising $4,5 million for his Miami startup Choose Digital that was recently acquired by Viggle. Quite a few great lessons in this video, including these: Insight into his team building and management strategies with clearly excellent practices. His secret to getting the sales meetings he wants with big players. Why fail fast is mostly a myth and how his team handles fail fast. How many hundreds of pitches he had to give to get the big funding number. Why the hell he chose...

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How My Waitress At IHop Reminded Me About The Amazing Hidden Potential Of Everyone

Admit it, we all make assumptions about the people we meet no matter how hard we try to not judge a book by its cover. That happened to me this morning as my family and I enjoyed pancakes at our local IHOP(International House Of Pancakes) and it reawakened me to the (sometimes) hidden potential in all of us. Lysomar greeted us at our table with a friendly and genuine smile. It was obvious that we would enjoy having her take our order and serve us our breakfast. She was direct, helpful, and personable and seemed to be enjoying the task...

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