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Bebo – A study in startup virality and how you can attain #growthhacking #metrics #viral

The story of Michael Birch and Bebo is fascinating on it’s own, but all the more so, because he just repurchased his tremendously successful social network for $1 million,  after AOL spent the last several years running it into the ground after buying it from him for $750 million. It’s going to be very cool

The 10 Best Marketing Resources for Startup Marketers

We are all overwhelmed as marketers with the millions of tools, tips, and help available for startup marketers on the web. From scam artists to wannabes, there is far too much junk to climb through to get to the good stuff. The folks at exploreB2B compiled a list of 30 resources and I found that a large

Are You Afraid To Be Brilliant?

So often, brilliant advertising and marketing people that otherwise would create campaigns that would entertain us and motivate us are stifled by their bosses and choose to allow themselves to spend their career stifled. Sure, they create better than average crap, but it’s still crap for crap companies and crap people. They become afraid to

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing

Hit upon an excellent Twitter marketing list last night and really like how it covers the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Following half of these instructions will give you a much ore successful presence on Twitter. 25. Try adding “Please ReTweet” to your tweets to maximize retweets. Sometimes people just need a reminder to share your