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Ep. 1 – Amazing Startup Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Peter Pezaris – Founder/CEO of

It’s a big day for us here at ClickBrain and Captiva Companies. The first episode of our new Startup Lessons podcast (click play at the bottom of this post) is up and ready to go in audio and video versions. We are awaiting Apple approval of the podcast and will post a link when ready.

Community centers for start-ups create buzz

Interesting to see how other communities are creating less formal centers of entrepreneurial activity and how beneficial they can be for everyone. We have a lot of great spaces being created in South Florida for startups, but I’m not sure whether they are the same kind of informal gathering places. I’ve seen a lot of

Does Growth Hacking Require Cheating?

Having started my professional career in politics, it was very interesting to hear Aaron Ginn’s seminar last night at Refresh Miami about Growth Hacking in the technology and startup world. Aaron was recently involved in politics, having served on the Romney campaign(ugh). For some, the attitude behind growth hacking is very similar to the attitudes

Geektank Pitch Video by iFavor

The video below is an example of a very good startup pitch. Christian Holterhaus of iFavor was well organized, planned, and highly persuasive while he gave his pitch to judges from the Miami Innovation Fund. His deck was clean and succinct and while I am not usually a fan of animation in presentations, he used

Amazing How to Startup, How to Iterate, and How to Learn from Customers

Thanks to the folks at the Feedly Blog for pointing out this great video by the founder of Clover in Boston. Clover is a vegetarian food company, that was going to start as a restaurant, but began as trucks. Watch the video and learn how they went from restaurant to truck and then restaurants and

Geektank Pitch Video by Miami Startup Athletic Select

Below is the first of a few videos from the most recent Miami Innovation Fund event called GeekTank. The event was held at Citrix headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll have another post soon recognizing the judges and sponsors, but wanted to get these videos processed and up as soon as I could. There were 3

Miami Startup Codelight’s Video at Refresh Miami Demo Night

The guys at Codelight are trying to take over the enterprise mobile app development marketplace with a suite of tools that they definitely don’t want ending up in the hands of consumer grade developers. I am joking, but as you can see from the Q&A in the video below, they are adamant that the consumer

Eye Talker Pitch At Refresh Miami Demo Night @EyeTalker_ @refreshmiami

The folks at Eye Talker have a really cool use of technology in the form of a working prototype, that serves a great purpose in society. Their technology evolved from the team’s research work for NASA creating technology that would allow drones to read text from a distance. They are now applying that research to