How to solve the cold-start problem for social products

  Andrew Chen never ceases to amaze me with his exceptional insight into how to grow your startup. Anyone with a socially based startup is going to grapple with this big big issue and almost all of them will fail. We are working through this topic with a client right now for his launch and

Miami Startup Makes TechCrunch With Their New App BloopIt

Miami Startup has released a cool new app called BloopIt. BloopIt allows users to watch and share snippets of YouTube videos and it’s quite addicting. This is a really great idea and they’ve done a great job with the interface. Today, they made it to TechCrunch, which will hopefully translate into a large number

Why Bitcoin may never hit the mainstream – usability

Decimal points may be the death of Bitcoin as far as widespread adoption is concerned. We learned a good amount about Bitcoin and Bitcoin startups last night at the Refresh Miami monthly event, but beyond all the complicated lessons about wallets, cryptography, and blockchains, that will make the general consumer unable to understand how their money translates

Why The People of Miami Beach Should Fear Their Mayor

It’s exciting to see the startup tech community of Miami up in arms over the incredibly ridiculous comments of the Mayor of Miami Beach – Phil Levine. We should marshall our excitement over what we are building here and let the world know, that he is a way off base. “It’s the dumbest idea in

Brilliant Code – Wolframs insanely ambitious computational paradigm

I’ve heard the phrase paradigm shift 100s of times from startups and it’s rarely borne fruit, but this sounds like it might be the real deal. Read the article in it’s entirety. In other words, “South America” is not a variable to be assigned, or an object or class to be instantiated. It’s a phrase

HP To Replace Terremark for Hosting

I’ve been working hard to keep my coverage of the Miami Startup and Technology scene positive, because we need to stay positive to help continue the amazing growth we are experiencing, but I just can’t let this go. Terremark could have been the centerpiece of the Miami technology community, but instead it’s become way too

Designing Magical User Experiences – CEO of Nest Labs, Tony Fadell

Excellent insight on user interface design from CEO of Nest Labs, Tony Fadell at GigaOM designer conference. More great design and interface videos here.

Group Form Elements Effectively Using White Space

4 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 1 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 LinkedIn 1 inShare1 Email – Email to a friend Buffer 0 4 Flares × Forms are the lifeblood of any company’s website, but if you are a startup, they can determine whether or not you have a chance at success. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen and his